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Despite the fact that it sounds marginally disconcerting, the Blue Cheese strain is really a luscious and sweet strain with a curiously messy lingering flavor.

It likewise consolidates notes of blueberry and earth to assist cool with offing the messiness in case it’s a lot for you.

This strain is extraordinary for the individuals who truly need a snapshot of rest, as it can assist with imparting a feeling of profound unwinding, rapture,

and surprisingly a gentle sedation over the long haul.







Buy Blue Cheese Online UK

At this point, it’s essentially known inside the reefer local area that the Cheese group of weed strains is strangely

suggestive of real cheddar – making the name precisely address what one can expect of these excellent little chunks.

Blue Cheese weed, nonetheless, appears to take a fruity and sweet wind on the customary messiness of this hereditary ancestry,

adding an additional an extraordinary note to an all around superb medication that is vital for any persistent – or stoner’s – pot stash.

Indeed, Cheese strains have taken over many pot shops and clinical maryjane dispensaries on both the west and east drifts,

springing up in regions as boundless as California, Maine, and Colorado.

As far as impacts and helpful advantages, Blue Cheese weed has demonstrated particularly useful for those requiring rest help,

just as for the individuals who experience the ill effects of different mental conditions or absence of craving.

Continue to peruse our total Blue Cheese strain audit to discover absolutely everything you might at any point need to think about this impactful, strong, messy little cannabis enchant.

What Is Blue Cheese Weed?

As we referenced before, the Cheese family is really a gathering of cannabis strains that were initially reared in the United Kingdom.

Obviously, as reproducers are continually attempting to get a bit more inventive,

they added little ‘hereditary turns’ to a great extent to the conventional and special

Cheese strain – one of which wound up being the now-renowned Blue Cheese.

A cross between parent plants UK Cheese (half breed) and Blueberry (indica),

the outcome was a generous strain pressed brimming with THC – just as that conventional messy smell.

Informally, Blue Cheese maryjane is delegated an indica,

with a generally 80% indica and 20% sativa hereditary profile.

Dissimilar to most customary indicas, however, the high from

Blue Cheese weed will not hit you with a crushing weight. All things being equal,

it nearly washes over the body, carrying in general alleviation with a colossal assortment of restorative advantages.

THC levels of Blue Cheese weed regularly stretch around the 20% imprint,

so absolutely this isn’t the most grounded of strains that we have audited here at WayofLeaf. Notwithstanding,

this young lady certainly makes it on the diagrams for a ganja type that is a genuine hitter – don’t disparage The Big Cheese, except if you need to pay dearly.

Many seed banks have created their own rendition of Blue Cheese weed throughout the long term,

which clarifies the boundless conveyance of this out of control little strain.

Huge Buddha Seeds, for example, is regularly credited with bringing a culminated Blue Cheese strain to the business market.

Moreover, Royal Queen Seeds and Barney’s Farm, both based out of the Netherlands, have delivered their own assortments of Blue Cheese,

with cultivators regularly confiding in these two reproducers for admittance to top-quality seeds.

Blue Cheese Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Probably the number one most defining factor of Blue Cheese cannabis is its intriguing aroma and flavor, which is oddly reminiscent of,

you guessed it… actual cheese. In fact, the aftertaste produces a slight sourness much like that of Parmesan or Gouda.

Blue Cheese brings about another palatable twist, however, as it features notes of blueberry fruitiness that seem to become especially apparent when inhaled.

Unlike the aroma, the flavor of Blue Cheese is on the sweeter side, with most of the sourness pulling an escape act during the combustion process.

Inhalation is typically sweet and delicious, with exhalation becoming musky, earthy, and sometimes spicy (but always pungent).

Appearance-wise, the Blue Cheese strain has a subtle blueish-purple undertone, with the sugar leaves exposing angelic-like hues of pastel violets.

Overall, the buds are pretty resin-coated, producing a glistening and sugary appearance that can make any stoner’s mouth water with anticipation.

The flowers of Blue Cheese weed are typically various shades of yellow/green and contain streaks of sandy orange pistils (fine hairs) that are ultra curly and tightly wound.

The water leaves are usually a wide range of colors, presenting themselves as any shade from deep green to deep purple,

causing the variety of hues for this strain to be especially prominent. All in all, this is a strain that’s as visually appealing as it is palatable.

Blue Cheese Marijuana Grow Info

All of the beginner cannabis growers out there can take a massive sigh of relief because Blue Cheese weed is thankfully a pretty simple strain to cultivate.

This strain is naturally resistant to mold, which is always a plus because Blue Cheese actually thrives the most outdoors in cold climates,

hence its original UK roots. Colder climates, like those in England, tend to also mean increased humidity, which can lead to mold and powdery mildew problems.

Due to its natural resistance to mold, powdery mildew, bugs, pests and more, however,

Blue Cheese growers won’t have to lose sleep over their crops becoming destroyed by an onset of inclement weather – or an invasion of tiny little microscopic pests.

Unlike some indicas, Blue Cheese weed is pretty average in height,

with stems that usually spread out and stretch far and wide.

The Blue Cheese strain has a fairly short flowering period, at only 8-9 weeks,

with outdoor harvest falling around the end of September – sooner than typical harvests which are usually around October.

The short flowering period can be a plus, meaning more harvest seasons per year (if you choose to cultivate indoors).

Whether deciding to grow indoors or outdoors, the yield amount from either environment does not differ so drastically,

which is good news for those who maybe don’t live in the right region for growing Blue Cheese weed outside.

Indoor crops grow well using hydroponics and also soil growth techniques, so there is quite some freedom for those cultivating this crop.

Indoor yields are typically around 18 ounces per square meter, with outdoor yields only becoming slightly greater at 19 ounces per plant.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese Weed

One of the quintessential strains for managing chronic stress levels, lack of appetite, chronic pain, and insomnia,

Blue Cheese weed has medicinal effects that are typically characteristic of indica strains.

However, this strain usually does not cause immediate onset of a desire for sleep, but rather comes on mildly as the high progresses.

Most patients that use Blue Cheese for pain choose to consume a dose that is larger than average, in order to maximize the healing benefits of its effects.

Patients with psychological conditions can also discover real relief from the Blue Cheese strain,

as individuals suffering from depression, PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety have all found helpful, potentially life-changing amounts of therapy.



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