Biscotti Strain (80% Indica / 20% Sativa)


About Biscotti

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Biscotti is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through a delicious cross of the classic Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies X South Florida OG strains.

If you’re looking for a classic indica with an insanely delicious flavor, you’ve found it.

Biscotti packs everything you want and more in the effects and taste department into each delicious toke, all fueled by a super high 25% average THC level.

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The Biscotti high comes on with a rush of cerebral effects that launch your mind into a pure lifted state of unfocused bliss.

As your mind settles, a calming body high will wash over our physical form,

allowing you to kick back and relax without a care in the world.

This high will quickly become giggly and stoney, leaving you laughing at anything and everything around you.

Thanks to these effects and its high THC level,

Biscotti is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, mood swings, and chronic pain.

This bud has an insanely delicious sugary cookie flavor with a rich spicy exhale.

The aroma is of earthy herbs and fruits with a notable cookie effect.

Biscotti buds have spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with long dark orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes.


Body High, Giggly, Relaxing, Uplifting

May Relieve:

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings, Stress


Fruity, Nutty, Spicy, Sugary, Sweet


Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Nutty, Sweet


indica dominant strain
80% indica / 20% sativa
20% – 25% THC level
CBD content of less then 1%


The lineage is said to be a cross between Gelato 25 x South florida OG strains cultivated by Cookies family in California. Others claim that its a combination of sunset sherbet x thin mint girl scout cookies strains bred on the west coast.


gelato 25 and south florida og strains


Biscotti weed strain looks like a screen of green nugs with long inward curling dark orange hairs and a thick frosty layer of bright amber crystal trichomes. The beautiful dark green and purple hues is due to pigments that are activated in cold weather. This high concentration of trichome crystal resin and orange pistils are responsible for the incredible strength of this strain.


Starts with a sweet, nutty, spicy flavor profile that tastes just like your favorite oven baked cookie. While it does have a sugary sweet taste, there are also some bitter notes, similar to a cup of coffee.


Contains notes of cookies and aromas of fruit and herbs. This strain smells nutty, earthy, and sweet with buttery hints similar to the aromas of Gelato and girl scout cookies strain. Pepper, cinnamon and other spices have also be detected by consumers


Does an excellent job of lifting moods and relieving stress. The potent effects of the bodies high begin with a feeling of bliss that covers quickly with cerebral effects. Stress and focus dissipate as this strain produces a strong sense of calm and cerebral buzz. Dry eyes and dry mouth are a common side effect so have some eye drops and drink ready.


People with anxiety or OCD can find relief in biscotti strain medical marijuana. Any aches and pains just seemingly disappear due to the sedative effects. Often chosen by cannabis connoisseurs to manage conditions such as stress, depression and mood swings. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.


-Chronic Stress
-Pain Relief
-Appetite Loss


Plants can be grown indoor and outdoors, having a flowering period of approximately 8-9 weeks indoors, with outdoor harvest coming in late October to early November. The indoor yield is 10 ounces per square meter with outdoor yield of 12 ounces per plant. For best results its recommended to grow biscotti seeds in warm and humid temperature ranges. Experienced growers who want best results harvest after harvest use feminized seeds to guarantee that all plants are female. The strain is fairly mold and bug resistant. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.


indoor yield is 10 ounces per square meter
outdoor yield is 12 ounces per plant



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4 reviews for Biscotti Strain (80% Indica / 20% Sativa)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love this strain and love the high it comes right away and wonderfull and has become my favorite strain works great for back pain and nerves problem

  2. 5 out of 5


    Dark green almost bluish nugs break up with a strong piney scent. Taste is similar and spicy. It only takes a few hits to send you over the edge. Very potent, smoke enough you’ll be nodding out. Highly recommend if you wanna zone out or for medicinal purposes. The euphoria of a Sativa with a heavy Indica punch.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Very nice. One small rip and I’m good for a few hours. Intense body and head effect, but not overpowering to the point of paranoid. I’m a novice, so take that into consideration. A little for me goes a long way. That being said, give it a go, but hit it easy.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Biscotti by Connected is in my top 3 flower. This Biscotti outdoor high is just like freaking uplifted forget to worry about anything.

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